Pictures from around the yard…

Hi, I hope its appropriate for the site but I thought I would add a few images from around the Reclamation Yard, as we live here our surroundings often include daily life, its a great place to live and has so much to offer the happy snapper (me and my camera) I would like to share a few pictures.

The weather has been….well mixed the last few weeks from boiling hot sun to pouring rain, none the less life goes on.


With huge clouds and heavy rain this week you would start to wonder what has happened to summer, the yard however has been busy with bricks and tiles, in the background small birds are hard at work feeding young..


This little fellow is nesting in some steel pipe! Three feet down four young wait for food.


The tiny flowers are also home to tiny insects like this green orb spider, the yard is home to so much wild life.


Even customers dogs find some peace in and around the builders yard.


The weather has been so wet sellers have abandoned good all over, I just need to find some time to gather them up!



Lots of new reclaimed garden ornaments including plant pots and other items often found around the home and garden have been placed on display for sale.


Don’t forget if you visit you are welcome to take a break and have a snack/drink down by the pond my father created many years ago, the old lake needs some TLC in the way of tree cutting etc as things have somewhat grown in the last twenty years, another job to be added to the list, that said there are some wonderful wild flowers in full bloom down here by the water.



Thanks for looking and as I always say, feel free to drop in and take a look around, you don’t have to buy anything and you are welcome to take your time.. Arthur Jnr.