More rain…

www-016Image By Arthur Rudd Jnr

There seems to be no end to the rain, giant puddles in the yard are common place over the last few months, pays to bring your boots if you plan to visit.

As bricks and tiles are our main theme I thought I would post a few images of these brick and york stone tables we have here, they were built some 20 years ago and still look great, if I am honest when they were constructed by my father I thought how on earth could they offer any comfort, but having used them for the last twenty years I would have to say my first thoughts were wrong, perhaps these images will inspire someone to use brick in another way, other than walls that is…

1600x1600-5072Brick slope backed bench.  By Arthur Rudd Snr

1600x1600-5071Brick slope backed bench.  By Arthur Rudd Snr

1600x1600-5075Brick slope backed bench.  By Arthur Rudd Snr

1600x1600-5069Twisted base york stone table (around 8ft long). By Arthur Rudd Snr

Thanks for looking..