December 2016

A Happy Christmas to all our customers and suppliers!

With Christmas so near I thought I’d take five to post a quick Blog to thank all of our customers and wish you all a Happy Christmas, normally I would have some pictures to post but today I have some old film from back in 1987, this short video was made by the BBC for “That’s Life” back in 87, my father who certainly looks a little younger was put forward by a customer to the TV show as his dog at the time loved to climb ladders and jump from roof to roof here in the building yard, customers were always taken back when sticks were thrown onto the roof tops only moments later to be retrieved by the yards dog “Banjo” at the time this film was made the young fellow was four and a half years old. He was a great and much loved pet for many years to which a memorial is now placed in the top of the yard simply marked, “Banjo – Arthur’s best friend” and he truly was…

Best wishes to you all, Arthur Jnr.


October 1982 – October 1998
(Arthur’s best friend)