WoW – Time Flys!

Ok so I finally got a moment to drop by and write a short Blog, given the title I thought it rather cool to include this photo of Mr Fly sat on some old Iron Railings here in the yard, and how appropriate he is given how much time has past since I last wrote anything here:-

Time “Fly’s” By Arthur Rudd – July 2017

So why has it been so long I hear you ask, well the main reason is this:-

Meet Baby “Annie” Born on the 15th of January 2017.

I have to be honest and say I am a little shocked just how far into the year we are already, what with deliveries and the constant tidying up of stock this year is flying by!

Buzzards circle over Riverside Farm – July 2017

As I have not been around the yard this week to grab some new pictures of items that have come in these last few months I have chosen to post some more images of the wildlife that lives in and around the yard itself.
The buzzards seen in the above image now have some local competition with the Red Kites that have recently shown up in the area, I am looking forward to getting some pictures of them, if the swallows don’t drive them away again.

Grey Heron – Riverside Farm’s pond – July 2017

We have a good number of grey herons that often visit to fish the lake, this one likes to keep himself out of harm’s way in the thick undergrowth.

I will be back in the next few weeks to post some images of new stock, in the meantime, enjoy the summer. Arthur Jnr.