And into the winter we go….

Weird sun, big moons and windy weather has been the story for the last couple of months, as the nights close in once again and the persistent rain rain falls things have become rather muddy in the brick yard, we have sold so many bricks this year gaps have formed between the packs and we have had to take in orders of new imperial red bricks to help fill some of the gaps. We have some nice London stocks in at this time but it looks like they will not hang around given the interest in them for feature walls this week. Lighting is an issue on a large site like this so once the sun sets we find ourselves back in the workshop doing repairs to all sort of machinery that gets used here daily. As I never seem to get much time I found myself taking a quick walk round last night with my camera in the dark, I have chosen to share the images of Mr Rudd Snr working in his workshop with his brother, also an image of the strange sun a little while back, the bright winter moon and other buildings etc here at Riverside Farm. Thanks to the customers from the USA for your kind comments this year and I hope you enjoy the items you have taken home. Regards, Arthur Rudd Jnr.

Random images November 2017.