Mini bricks!

We sell a good number of bricks as you would expect, I know that’s an obvious thing to say given that we are a reclamation yard that stocks new and second hand bricks but in this case the buyer is slightly different, so different I thought it would be nice to write a quick blog, this customer is a mini brickworks, well a masonry to be precise! Namely Stacey’s miniature masonry, I have to be honest and say I did not expect the mini cut bricks to be 1) so small, and 2) so perfect!!! Before I left to deliver the order I did take a quick look at their site and thought, “Oh yeah, mini bricks – that’s nice” but then when I arrived and took a look at these tiny bricks I was totally impressed! If you have ever cut bricks you would know that getting a clean cut can take some skill, to get such a tiny tiny cut is another level of skill, and whats more to make them all the same a thousand times over….well….say no more…!

So if you are in need of mini bricks give them a call, how about a model of your own house made from the very same bricks we supply and sell from here! Some of the models featured on Staceys site are stunning, such detail, the skill required to build such a thing, incredible.

Fitting for the month of March I stacked up a few of the bricks I was given on a page torn from my diary and took a few snaps! I think these tiny bricks are great!

srgb-3157-2Miniature bricks made from our stock by Staceys Miniature Masonry.


Such detail in a tiny brick, the models made from these must look amazing.

Many thanks for looking.