Please note:-

23rd September 2018

My Father, the owner, is an elderly gentleman, as time has gone by we have somewhat struggled to keep up with the demands of our opening hours, please keep in mind that we do our best to keep to the advertised opening times, however, from time to time the odd emergency has meant that the yard has been closed without warning! Today, Sunday the 23rd was one of those days, sadly such a time is heartbreaking enough but in this instance it has also earned us a negative single star review online (Without prejudice, Anna Figiel – 12:45 Sunday, who complained as the yard was closed while Mr Rudd and I were at Guildford Hospital and she was unable to gain access to the business), I can not think of another time the yard has been closed without warning in the last 30 odd years with no one here to cover, typical! If you don’t want to run the risk that the yard maybe closed please please endeavor to contact us by email, telephone or take the chance on dropping by, we just don’t want to disappoint. Thank you for your understanding, Arthur Rudd Jnr.

Review from Google:-

Having made a special journey during this yard’s advertised opening hours (12.45 on a Sunday) it was very disappointing to be confronted by a barrier at the entrance with various unfriendly messages scrawled in pen on it: “Closed”, “Nobody welcome when closed”, “Do not drive round” etc. Does this mean the yard closes frequently when it’s advertised as being open? No “Sorry we are closed due to … etc.” message. Total waste of valuable time and fuel with a rude message at the end.
Without Prejudice.

Anna Figiel (Greyshott). Firstly sorry you have wasted your time! For your information, sadly we get a number of people who take advantage of the open all hours service my father has offered for the last good few decades, hence the notes on the barrier, they are blunt as many in the past ignore the barriers and enter anyway, this causes a number of problems. My father has been taken ill and admitted into hospital today and I am the only other person who runs the yard, my partner is also eight months pregnant and has issues of her own as well as our eighteen month old daughter who also needs my care, having had ten days off in the last four years since my father’s stroke I felt today was needed to deal with private matters and visit my father in hospital, I’m sorry you feel the only review you can offer is based on something that is “once in a million”, I feel your review is unjustified given you could have called the yard as it’s also our home and left a message, I would have possibly opened up for you and saved you wasting your time as you put it. Sometimes things happen that are out of my control, we/I do our best to keep people happy, offer a service that many enjoy (since 1959 – Well before Google!), so many Google reviews only ever reflect the worst in people, it’s a shame people don’t consider what maybe going on behind the scenes of a small business where we struggle to continue against the odds, I like to walk a day in someone else’s shoes before I cast judgment. Lastly I would like to add that given the circumstances I am dissapointed that after all that’s happened this week I have earned a one star negative review on Google.

Kind regards, Arthur Rudd Jnr.
P.s, we have a chalk notice board but the wind and heavy rain has washed it clean.

Google fact:- 13,500 people visit our website this quarter.

Yard fact:- We have had many customers who visit after hours, it’s no problem, they book in advance if long distances are an issue.

Please please keep in mind that we are only human, we can only do our best, this situation is frustrating and does not reflect the running of the business, we work hard, we try to keep people happy, its not always possible but you can only keep trying to provide a good service to all.
Kind regards,
Arthur W Rudd Supplies.