Wallgarden -Bespoke Playhouses

Hi all, first of all sorry I have not had anytime for the blog, as always time is never on my side, what with orders in and orders out there seems to be little time for anything else..

However this blog is well worth the effort, some time back a customer came in looking for some bricks and tiles, her name was Nadine Charlton.  Nadine runs a small business building bespoke playhouses https://www.wallgarden.co she was looking for bricks and tiles to use in a current project.

image8Image – https://www.wallgarden.co

We see countless bricks and tiles but its not that often we get to see where or how they are used, in this case the project is so unusual and unique it gives us great pleasure to share the images and tell the story of how Nadine takes an idea and turns it into reality.

After some time wandering around the yard she had quickly gathered up a list of what she wanted for her playhouse…

Good to see her little helper stacking up the mini bricks found in the yard along with a selection of very old clay peg tiles.

I had no idea after talking to Nadine that the little houses she builds were so amazing, we have to say we were a little shocked at the level of detail found in these little playhouses!

Rather than me try and put into words how incredible the little houses are I will let the pictures do the talking, enjoy!

image1Nadine’s little girl sitting on the step of this bespoke playhouse built and designed by wallgarden.co

image2Nadine and her little girl.

image3Incredible detail, genuine materials all scaled down into these little houses is amazing.

That smile says it all… 🙂

Thanks to Nadine and wallgarden.co for the images – all images copyright of wallgarden.co