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We often get interesting items, but now and then something different will turn up, this page feature’s items that stand out from the rest, it includes a description and photographs, maybe even a discussion on the Facebook page.

Brick and york stone table (twisted base) and slope back bench:-

Our custom made steel benches and chairs:-



Giant mushroom:-


Tiles (these are featured in an old fireplace):-

Bird baths, we seem to have a good selection of them:-

Unusual large york stone pillars, maybe a bench or mushroom top could be used to make them into something interesting:-


Old cast iron Printing Press, from what I can find it’s dated around the 1800’s, very heavy, great little feature for a garden perhaps or could be used for pressing flowers.


Cast iron cook pot came in the last week of November, it stands about 1.5m tall and has a deep pot in the top that can be removed, you maybe able to see the cement mixer in the background to give you an idea of its size, they are a rare item as most were broken up for scrap, the idea is to build a fire in the lower section of the cast, this heats the cook pot at the top, they were often used to cook pig feeds, some even used them to boil wash clothing. It needs some small repairs to the door, I think it would make a great garden feature or even have a grill made for the top, you could light charcoal in the pot and cook over the fire with the grill, use it as a feature BBQ for summer garden parties etc 🙂

Front View

Top View

Reclaimed from a house in Southampton some twenty years ago, this item is carved stone and pre dates the salvage by some time, the gentleman who brings us these wonderful items had it in his garden for many years stood up with a plant pot on top, again its a large item and maybe you can see the scale against the tractor wheel in the background, its now for sale in the yard.


Little things like this seat often turn up out of the blue, a great little item for any garden, maybe placed by a pond where you could sit and feed fish or ducks? Who knows……?


Reclamation building materials, bricks, tiles, stone, slabs, sand, cement, timber, oak beams, railway sleepers, soil, garden items, public welcome reclaim yard, and much more..

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