We have many items made from iron and steel, from new RSJ’s to old cast iron grills.  We also have a huge selection of reclaimed gates, we also offer a service where the gates size can be adjusted and bespoke posts and hinges made for them too.

New RSJ’s (cut to length)

Cast iron guttering and fittings

Cast iron manhole covers etc web-srgb-2430web-srgb-2387

Dozens of gates
1600x1600-5102edit-4543 edit-4531 IMG_1545edit-4614

Unusual cast iron work

Cast iron radiators

Steel garden bench and seat (made here).low-res-4944low-res-4943

Workshop for steel works and fabricationedit-2394edit-4551edit-4602


Reclamation building materials, bricks, tiles, stone, slabs, sand, cement, timber, oak beams, railway sleepers, soil, garden items, public welcome reclaim yard, and much more..

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